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LCR Series II Specifications

Advanced Water Conditioning System Tailored To Fit Your Needs And Water Conditions

The LCR Series II water softener removes unwanted hardness or minerals form your household water, whether from municipal sources or private wells. Used alone or in combination with Lindyspring filters and neutralizers, this system can meet the most challenging water problems existing today.

Count on your local Lindyspring Systems dealer for expert advice on which system configuration is just right for your household and water condition. With proper water testing and system selection, you’ll optimize your savings in salt and water usage while continuously enjoying the best possible water quality.

Our unique microprocessor-based control head monitors system performance, water consumption and more.

Three Modes Of Operation – Meter immediate, meter delayed or time clock delayed.

Upflow Brining Feature – Offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency. (Not available in 1 1/4″ valve)

Days Override Feature – 1 – 28 days available. Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory.

Capacitor Backup

12 Volt Transformer – Provides safe and easy installation.

Conditioned Water – Regenerant refill for cleaner brine. (Not available in 1 1/4″ valve)
Reserve – Based on water usage over last 21 days.

Program Cycle Times

Program Sequence of Cycles.

Complete Viewing of History.

Capacity Specifications

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We offer a full line of water softeners, whole house filters and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

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