"Providing the following services: Salt Delivery, Water Testing, Installation, Water Softeners, Water Filters, Water Conditioners"

Services Offered By Lindyspring Systems

Water Testing
Free water hardness and iron and TDS test on every salt delivery.

We will install, disconnect and move equipment.
If you are moving we can disconnect your unit.
Want a sediment pre-filter installed before your softener? We can do that too!
All of our water treatment systems come with installation.

Water Softener and Drinking System Service and Repair
We service most makes and models of water softeners and drinking water systems.
If you have a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system in your home, we recommend that the filters be changed at least once every 12-18 months.

For your convenience, we can visit your home to change your filters. If you prefer to change the filters yourself, we can ship the filters to your home.

Salt Delivery
We offer Pro Soft Solar Salt only.
Solar Salt is crystallized by the sun and wind from natural salt brine held in open ponds. These high purity salt crystals are harvested, washed and kiln dried to remove remaining moisture. With additive, it’s an excellent choice for treating your hard water. Pro Soft Solar Salt is 99.8% pure salt.

Serving the following counties:
~ Washington Co. MN
~ Polk Co. WI
~ St. Croix Co.
~ Pierce Co.

For information on a Lindyspring Systems provider in your area, please call 715-531-1067.