LRR Series 2

"A Water Rarifier Specially Engineered to Treat Municipal Water By Conditioning, Filtering and Removing Taste and Odor"

Water Softener Systems That Last

LRR Series II

The LRR Series 2 water softeners remove unwanted hardness or minerals form your household water whether from municipal sources or private wells. Used alone or in combination with LMF Series Filters and neutralizers, this system can meet the most challenging water problems existing today.

Count on your Lindyspring Systems dealer for expert advice on which system configuration is just right for your household and water condition. With proper water testing and system selection, you’ll optimize your savings in salt and water usage while continuously enjoying the best possible water quality.

Coconut Shell Carbon Removes Tastes and Odors – For chlorine treated water, removes taste and odor, maximum chlorine 5ppm.

High Density Composite Valve – Industrial strength valve engineered with glass filled Noryl for pressure capability and durability.

National Sanitation Foundation Listed Mineral Tank – NSF listed tank liner, fiberglass wrapped to withstand high pressure.

12 Volt Electric System – For safety purposes and to make installations convenient, compact transformer design.

Advanced Electronic Timer – Solid-State microprocessor with easy setting access; memory capability and battery backup.

Water Meter Controlled – A full one inch water meter accurate to +/- 5%, saves water and salt by regenerating the unit only when necessary and with the correct amount of salt.

High Impact Resistant Cabinets – Both the salt and mineral tanks are manufactured of high impact, industrial type plastics with ultraviolet inhibitors.

Up-Flow Regeneration for Efficiency – Featuring proportional brine and superior bed cleansing with pre-fill function to help eliminate salt bridging.

Quartz Gravel Base – Provides greater filtration and allows for stronger flows in counter-current cycles without reintroducing hardness into treated water.

Resins – Highest quality resins resist chlorine effects, promote efficiencies and long life with an added special media to neutralize any remaining chlorine.

Full One inch Valving – Allows for full flow and pressure for today’s homes.

Dual Tank Configuration – Allows for more salt storage, helps eliminate salt bridging, tank sweating and provides for easier cleaning

Single Tank Configuration – For easy installation in limited spaces.

Five Standard Models – Not the “one size fits all” approach used by the “big box” retailers.