Twin Series System


Water Softener Systems That Last

Twin Series Systems

The ITW and SPT Twin Series Systems provide uninterrupted conditioned water, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How is this possible? When one tank becomes exhausted, the system’s MAV (motorized alternating valve) automatically switches to the systems reserve tank. An added benefit of the system’s flexibility is that each of its tanks can utilize 100% of their capacity! This eliminates the waste of unused capacity, an occurrence routinely experienced when single tank systems are used.

• 24/7 unlimited supply of treated water
• Flow rate up to 60 gpm
• Pipe sizes 1”. 1.25” and 1.5”
• Advanced history and diagnostics screens
• Monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on water consumption
• Safe, 12 volt DC operation


• Choice of media hardness, iron, manganese and pH correction – chlorine generator
• Treated water regeneration
• Larger brine tanks and salt grids available

Ideal For:
• Residential
• Convenience Stores
• Restaurants and Bars
• Power Washer Applications
• 24-Hour Laundry Use
• R.O. Pretreatment
• Car Washes
• Boiler Feeds

The ITW and SPT Twin Series valves achieve optimum performance using a simple piston and corrosion-resistant spacers and seals. This piston design offers long term operation with minimal maintenance. Tight tolerances and precision machining optimize performance even in challenging environments.

SPT1 and SPT2 water treatment combine patented self-chlorinating technology with exclusive Crystal-Right™ media to perform like four units in one – softening, removing iron and manganese and raising low pH levels. These self-sanitizing systems also control odors caused by nuisance bacteria and minor sulfur conditions.

All Lindyspring water conditioners are offered with three different media options capable of handling all softening needs from the simple to the most challenging water conditions. The media options include:

Resin (ITWR/SPTR a high capacity sulfonated polystyrene media capable of handling common hard water conditions.
Crystal-Right CR100™ (SPT1) – silica crystal media highly effective in reducing hardness, iron, manganese and raising pH levels of slightly acidic water.
Crystal-Right CR200™ (SPT2) – silica crystal media highly effective in reducing hardness in a single process.