"Removes Iron, Manganese and Hardness From Household Water, While Raising Low PH Levels. Iron and Sulfur Bacteria are Virtually Eliminated."

Lindyspring Systems – Sanitizer EWK

Removes Iron, Manganese and Hardness from household water while Raising Low PH Levels. Iron and Sulfur Bacteria are Virtually Eliminated

Sanitizer EWK water conditioners provide quality water you need for everyday life. Day and night your water will perform the way it should, creating richer lathers using less soap, rinsing cleaner without film and residue, even protecting your household plumbing form staining, scale and mineral deposits. Best of all, this system is built to last and easy to operate.

Count on your Lindyspring Systems dealer for expert advice on which system configuration is just right for your household and water condition. With proper water testing and system selection, you’ll optimize your savings in salt and water usage while continuously enjoying the best possible water quality.

The Sanitizer EWK gives you the industry’s most advanced control and operating features.

Powerful – This unique controller remembers all operating functions and will never lose programming due to a power failure. It will even hold history and diagnostic information. System regeneration’s are automatically activated according to actual water consumption and patterns.

It’s the Media – At the heart of the Sanitizer EWK performance is Crystal-Right, an exclusive crystalline media. In a single pass, this unique media does more to remove hardness, iron and manganese while raising low pH levels, than any other media available to day.

It’s the Chlorine Generator – Lindyspring Systems new chlorine generator is a patented device that uses the existing brine solution to generate controlled amounts of chlorine for safe sanitizing and disinfecting of the entire system. There are no special chemicals to add, no special salts to use and no additional equipment to purchase. The sanitizing action takes place automatically every time the system regenerates.